Monthly Archives: June 2015

Yeah, I Scoop Ice Cream

Yeah I am 24 with a MA in journalism and media studies and I scoop ice cream for a living. Well a pseudo-istilllivewithmywonderfulandpriveledgedparents-living.

I get that you don’t think I am doing what I should be doing with my education. You’re not alone. In fact the people who think I am on the right path are alone. So, you’re among the many. Thats cool. But also, I am so glad I feel alone sometimes, with my overpowered and ‘under-utilized’ grad degree brain, because the many never looks as happy as that little girl I get to notice as she continuously and enthusiastically covers the surrounds of her mouth with melted chocolate pudding ice cream. The many often seem too busy for such silly simple pleasures.

Today I am having a date with myself, with one of my ‘demons’ as Yumi Sakugawa ( would call her: my time demon. It’s just me and time at the dining room table, yes my parent’s dining room table, chewing down on some golden, crisp, and flakey chocolate croissants that I’ve spent the last week making. Time and I are figuring it all out, as much as we can, which isn’t even close to all of it. Rather we are making inroads, as the next batch of croissants is butter-bubbling away in the oven, the next room over, and smelling up the entire house.

Yeah, my life is good. Like pretty fucking fantastic. Yeah, I could probably get another job that would cost me more time and pay equal money, where I could ‘use’ my degree to relentlessly tell the world what was going on without the time or space to string an ounce of connection, community, or wisdom through it – or I could sit in the morning before my next shift at Bluebird and just be eternally grateful that this afternoon I get to spoon rainbow sprinkles on top of a kid’s ice cream cone as they practically climb over the counter to me in inpatient excitement.

What is great about serving ice cream is that there is an incredible amount of love and magic in it, every shift, every day. Time and I are feeling pretty damn good about that.