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Sickness Part II – Again with Gay Marriage

What is really great about mainstream and public media is its ability to spark outrage, to reach deep down into our guts and get us upset in an unquenchable way that keeps us going back for more vicarious living. It’s the Doritos effect, also known as addictively unhealthy and socially unsustainable profit, also known as capitalism. What is really not great about any bit of this media is that it portrays a spectrum of disappointing truths, meaning that the world itself is upsetting – Also meaning the world is not upsetting, because nothing can exist without its opposite. Physics.

Today, I have been writing my thesis on alternative media and social movement theory, where the two collide and often overlap, which gets me excited about the not upsetting parts of our planet: the people who make life a work in process and progress not profit.

This week, we all voted over here in the beautiful United States of America, and if some of us didn’t we don’t really matter. America is a ‘democracy’, the personal is political, and if you don’t engage in your politics, however frustrating, you’re dismissing parts of your power. Anyways, the results are in, we still have a brilliantly bought two party system of wealthy and out of touch elected officials that have no clue how to solve the majority’s problems, because alas, they are the minority.

Unfortunately, while I was taking a study break today with NPR, I came across the headline: Gay Marriage Bans Upheld in Four States by Circuit Court ( My initial and audible response was ‘Are we really still deciding if its okay for people to love each other?’. Apparently, yes. Awww 2014 US democracy, you beautiful, undereducated, ignorant, and fearful beast.

What I think would be really great is if people could mind their own business with regards to other people’s personal lives, unless of course their personal lives are putting others in harms way. But in this case, the case of the sinning lovers, I don’t see any universal harm. If anything, the pure lovers will end up in a less crowded paradise – their heaven. Who can complain about zero population or strategically wiping out poor people to rid ourselves of a resource problem? Ingenious.

Ultimately, I’m pretty frustrated with the world these days because voting makes you evaluate your options, and I can’t stop realizing how much my options suck. I am left wondering how we are going to move forward because I can’t stop finding examples of arrogant people, in places of power, denying others their rights to dignity.

Tomorrow I am hoping to wake up as Will Smith, in a subversive version of Men in Black where I can funnel my frustration into revenge with the use of all his great gadgets and ridiculously fast cars. Or perhaps it would be better to wake up as Barack Obama, but a Barack Obama who is internally Edward Snowden. Probably it would just be best to wake up as Sarah Palin, because I hear Russia is beautiful, Jesus is all-forgiving, and ignorance is bliss.