Black and White

Black and white have no place in my global perception. I am not talking about race based vocabulary but the notion of right or wrong-the good or evil type of black and white. That is not to say that I don’t think that some actions, people and items are good and bad, but rather to note that the connection between everything on this planet consistently produces shades of grey. I live comfortably in this tonally varying world.

I was conversing with a Woman today about the place religion holds in her life. This idea of the ‘ultimate truth’ kept coming up, which I suppose is the foundation of every religion, and why I am never quick to label myself a part of that world. I asked her about her view on the reality that so many differing practices of faith have come from one book: The Bible. She replied that the diversity in interpretation comes from people trying to apply shades of grey to black and white issues.

I have this whole idea that if we can open up peoples personal worlds of faith, we can find nourishing acceptance within a fundamental necessity in the human experience. Maybe this is my idealism shining through, the above conversation pulling back my realist nature. The Woman that I talked to today was clear that it was not her place to judge whether or not people followed her Religion’s black and white rules, but I don’t see how that is a human possibility. I don’t see how we can say things are either right or wrong, and then not separate ourselves as the stewards of good from the wrongdoers. Can we have separation without judgment? Black and white always creates an otherness, which in our current system of patriarchy equates to a moral hierarchy.

Maybe religion is still too rigid for my idealistic vision, but somehow and somewhere I still know that this project I am undertaking is important, because loving your neighbors is important. I know that within our world we continue to highlight the no and the negative when there are so many yeses and positives we could pay attention to. Maybe to stay positive I just need to shift my objectives. Systems don’t change over night, our mind and the world’s churches included. But our slow evolution should not undermine progress. Just as I am let down by some aspects of a conversation others will pick me up, our reality goes on in the direction that we place emphasis.

One thought on “Black and White

  1. French Fry Man says:

    You ask the big questions and don’t settle for the easy answers. You use your positivity to wrestle with the negativity that seeks to envelop and neutralize your awesome and unique spirit. You are beginning to sense the strength and power that dwell within you–and always has–and I am privileged to be able to watch you transform. I am so proud of you that I might burst at any second. I will not be able to witness your entire journey but I hope to be around for a good deal more of it. Thank you for the opportunity to share so many moments.

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