A Note on Sunday.

Last Sunday in Church I asked for clarity. Not normally a church goer, I was put on the spot in a small prayer circle, something that I have never before participated in. The four of us Women, strangers to each other, were standing, holding hands, and asking our Father for all that we strive for as humans. The moments that passed in our circle reiterated my belief in faith, faith in humanity. For that point in time in a Brooklyn Church it did not matter if the four of us had not previously met, or what we were wearing, where we were going to or coming from. We were all equal in the eyes of our Father and thus each other.

I am currently in the process of taking on a photography project about faith. The goal of my project is not to document the walls of faith that divide us but rather the faith filled minds that can unite us. In my life faith goes beyond singularity, it does not hold all answers but rather promotes questions. Outside of my individual world I can’t seem to escape faith, there are storefront churches, and bible pamphlets around every corner. Right now people all over the globe are reaching out for something. I think it is something that is bigger than a pamphlet, and I want to be searching for it too. It is a new way to see yourself in the world, a way to define your meaning in an anonymously designed and globally followed set of systems. Faith is individual and communal all at once and for this can hold such significance.

This Sunday, I am sitting in my basement room thinking about love and faith and intention. I am thinking about everyone who has happened into my life and reaffirming my faith in them. I think our world took a turn for the worse when we stopped believing in each other, and I would like to focus this personal project on illuminating the beauty in the individual as we work on rebuilding the whole.

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